Turun Syntetisaattoriseura presents

Helsinki Synthetic

April 29, 2017

Noon to midnight

at Kellohalli

Teurastamo, Helsinki


Doors open at 12 and close at 24. Refreshments are available for the whole day and there are several restaurants nearby. There may be slight adjustments to schedule, so arrive early!

Please bring your own headphones + plug adapter for the daytime event (there will be no loudspeakers for trying out instruments!), and treat the gear with care and respect.


Daytime event load-in. Peaceful time for bringing your gear in and setting it up. Visitors who are not exhibiting are asked to arrive at 12:00 or later.


Synth meet / exhibition - gear to try out in the main hall, demos and lectures in the side room:


Daytime event teardown, evening event setup. All gear on display should be carried away. If you need space for temporarily storing your gear during the evening programme, please contact us. Visitors are kindly asked to keep out of the way to accommodate for the tight schedule.


Synth club night with synaseura showcase sets and invited artists. Visuals by VJ Matti Vilho.


Doors close, thank you for visiting! Afterparty at Kuudes Linja.