Turun Syntetisaattoriseura presents

Helsinki Synthetic

April 29, 2017

Noon to midnight

at Kellohalli

Teurastamo, Helsinki


This is a regularly updated list of gear private people and sponsoring companies have promised to bring to the daytime event. There have been a lot of last minute additions to the list every year, and it's not unusual to have last minute cancellations or people bringing their instruments unannounced either, so please do not take this to be a 100% accurate representation of what will be on display.

Please let us know if you are bringing your own gear. Anything goes: there's been interest in everything from super rare vintage polysynth monsters to modern digital micro desktop synths.

Private synthesizers, samplers and other noisemakers

Indie Manufacturers and DIY Labels

Soundtools Oy


EM Nordic

Roland Finland